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Davenport Slip

6 stories of luxury apartments along New York's Hudson River

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Future Projects

Applewood Estates
  • 59-acre property
  • Located in Ulster County, NY
  • Approved to construct 12 residential lots, with preliminary
    approval to construct an additional 26 lots
Twin Creeks
  • 112-acre property
  • Located in East Fishkill, NY
  • Approved to construct 140 single family residences, 478 townhomes
    and 24,400 square feet of commercial space
Esopus, NY
  • 43-acre property, with one 2-story house on the property constructed in 1857
  • Located in Esopus, NY
  • Scenic views of Hudson River and Esopus Lighthouse
Peach Hill
  • 37.5 acre property
  • Located in Hyde Park, NY
  • Approved to construct five single family homes
Lloyd, NY
  • 70.5 acre property, with four residential homes, one pole barn and one
    cold storage barn on the property
  • Located in Lloyd, NY
Jane Wood Road
  • 33-acre property
  • Located in Lloyd, NY
  • Zoned for 23 acres of commercial and 10 acres of residential development